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Ten Tips How To Improve Your Website Search Engine Optimisation 

Brent Davenport will recommend where you can enhance your SEO rating through high quality content, image optimisation, header tags, links & readability for example. 

How do visitors to your website find you? 

If you are depending on search engines to direct potential customers to your site then search engine optimisation (SEO) needs to be number one on your priority list. 

If no one can find you, you will not be able to generate new leads for your business. 

Brent can advise certain things for you to do to increase your chances of getting ranked higher for search engine searches. 

1. Page Loading Speed 

A website, that has a slow load speed, is recognised by the search engines and this can harm your ranking and will also impact the way your visitors engage with the individual pages. Numbers of abandonment rates increase when page loading takes too long and as little as 3 seconds can be considered too long. Web browsers want information as quick as possible and may not even return to a site that they considered too slow.

How images are edited and presented can often slow down page response and Brent will advise how to rectify this by improving their format and size and with relevant keywords. 

Your sever response time is also crucial to the download speed, as is your website theme and plugins. All of these issues can be checked and advised on by Brent Davenport. 

2. Content Quality 

When was the last time you updated your website content? 

If the answer is “a long time ago” or maybe even “not since the day we launched it” then your SEO ranking now is probably low. 

Your content needs not to be just relevant and informative to your product, but also fresh, recent and newsworthy. If it catches the attention of your site visitors, they are more likely to spend longer on your site and to check out more pages which will lead to what is called a longer “dwell time” and boost your SEO ranking. 

3. Create A Blog 

Writing a regular blog can be a great tool to help you engage with your visitors or loyal customers. 

As mentioned in Content Quality, a blog is the perfect channel to create fresh, recent and newsworthy information. You can write a blog as often as you like; daily, weekly or monthly and if you include images, header tags, keywords and links in them they will have a positive impact on your search engine ranking. 

4. Reciprocal Links 

If your business enjoys a good relationship with another reputable site it can boost SEO for you, and the other business, if you exchange backlinks to each other’s sites. 

5. Multimedia Elements 

When you have got your text content to its peak consider using Multimedia Elements such as videos, slideshows or audio to your site. Many people find it easier and much more interesting to watch something than to read about it. This may also lead to visitors spending more time on your site which will boost your SEO. 

6. Broken Links 

If your site includes any links, to take visitors to an invalid page or another website that you are recommending, they will be picked up by search engines and this will be most detrimental to your site. Brent can check, and repair, for broken links on your website. 

7. Websites For Mobile Devices 

In today´s fast moving world, people are browsing the web on mobile devices more and more. If your website is not optimised for use by mobile users it will greatly hinder the user experience and your ranking will be adversely affected. All websites created or designed by Brent Davenport can be viewed on mobile devices. 

8. Contact Information 

All your contact information (email addresses, office address, mobile numbers and landline numbers) should all be clearly presented so they cannot be missed. Social media is a great way that your visitors can contact you, so do not forget to include any social icons on your pages so with one easy click they can communicate with you. 

9. Keywords 

As mentioned in Page Loading Speed, keywords play an important role in your ranking. Keywords are relevant to the product or service you are selling and should be used in your text, header tags and images. Three or four-word phrases should also be included as these are also picked up by search engines. 

10. Housekeeping 

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing project if you want to get your website at the top of SEO ranking and to keep it there. 

Monitor your results by checking who visits your website, where in the world your visitors are from, what pages they visit and how long they stay on each page. 

Brent can point you in the right direction to substantiate your SEO strategy and to work on any of the above points.

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